Thank you Luncheon - 08/25/13

The Priests and Deacons who have assisted the parishioners at St. John Chrysostom Church celebrate the Divine Liturgy.

Following the Liturgy a luncheon was held in the church hall. The parishioners donated homemade ethnic food for the luncheon.

A good time was had by all!

Father Mark Koczak, Fr. Dn. Greg Vrato, Richard O'Leary (formerly Father Gregory O'Leary), Father Gregory Dudash, Fr.Dn. andrew Rubis, Father Brooks Ledford
Priests, Deacons and Altar Servers: Issak, Illya, Jimmy
The Great Entrance
Father Gregory, Father Mark,altar servers
Father Gregory, Father Brooks
The Faithful receiving Communion
Fr. Deacon Greg Vrato
Our Choir
Michelle & Michele reading the announcements