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Celebrating the life of Michael Cosmo

Celebrating the life of Michael Cosmo with our church family - Memory Eternal - 12/29/2017

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Christmas Eve Vesperal Liturgy

St. John's parish celebrated The Feast of the Nativity of Jesus, one of the most joyful days of the Orthodox Church. - 12/24/2017

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Christmas pageants at St. John Chrysostom

Sunday school presented Christmas Pageants! - 12/10/2017

It was a wonderful event. Thanks to all of those who participated and helped with preparation of costumes and scripts.

We also did the Swearing-in of the 2017 Parish Council.


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Ladies Night Out

Ladies having dinner at Bellini's restaurant in Center City Philadelphia.  12/09/2017

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St John Chrysostom Church's Nameday

Celebrated 86th Nameday of our St. John Chrysostom Orthodox Church. - 11/12/2017

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2017 Halloween Party

Kids had a great time at the Halloween Party after the Divine Liturgy. 10/29/2017

Many thanks to those who helped decorate the church and organizing the Party.

We also celebrated Bessie Satir’s 90th Birthday!

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Decorating for Halloween

Decorating the Church for Halloween Party - 10/25/2017

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Annual Archdiocesan Assembly

St. John Chrysostom Church Fellowship Hall - 09/22/17

Some photos taken from Annual Archdiocesan Assembly hosted by St. John Chrysostom Albanian Orthodox Church.  Pictures are taken during Plenary Session I and II followed by a Reception and Banquet

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Blessing of Backpacks

Blessing of Backpacks - 09/10/17

Our students brought their backpacks to receive a blessing from Father Brooks for a healthy and successful school year!

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Liturgy in the Park

Divine Liturgy followed by a Picnic - 08/20/17

We celebrated the Divine Liturgy at Neshaminy State Park.  Following the Liturgy we enjoyed a wonderful picnic.  Thanks to Nilda for organizing, Sergio for manning the grill and providing hot dogs & burgers, David for the music.  Special thanks to those who attended and shared their wonderful food.  It was a perfect day!

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Blessing of our new Icon

New Icon - 07/16/17

Father Brooks blesses the new Icon of Jesus Christ - which will be placed in the altar.  We are very grateful to Janice & Mike L. for donating the Icon in memory of Janice's parents, Mary & Steve Zafis.

It is a beautiful Icon!

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Nick Naum Scholarship Recipients

Presentation of Scholarship Awards - 07/16/17

The Nick Naum Scholarship recipients received their award following the Divine Liturgy.  This year's recipients are Adam C., Michele C., Anesti K., Jorgji N. Congratulations and best wishes in college!

Memory Eternal for Nick Naum!

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Sunday school pool party

Fun at Miss Kathie's Pool! - 06/25/17

The Sunday school students and their families got together at Miss Kathie's house for an afternoon of swimming and fun.  Chefs Steve and Erion manned the grills and all enjoyed burgers and dogs. It was a perfect day.  Thanks to Director Steve for organizing the event and to Miss Kathie for graciously opening her home and pool to us!

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Sunday school Graduation

Our Graduates - 06/04/17

We celebrated Pentecost with the kneeling prayers. Followed by our Sunday school graduation.

It was a very happy day for our parish - the annual Sunday school graduation. Congratulations and best wishes to our three seniors - Adam, Brittany and Michele who graduated from Father Brooks and Marinela's class.  The other students will return in September! Many thanks to our dedicated teachers and our Director Steve for their committment to our program.

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Pascha & Agape Vespers

Krishti U Ngjall! Vertet U Ngjall! - 04/16/17

The Glorious Resurrection of our Lord.  From darkness to light!

On Sunday afternoon the Gospel proclaiming the Resurrection was read in many languages!

Special thanks to Father Dan for joining us.

Christ is Risen!  Indeed He is Risen!

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Holy Friday

Preparing for the Resurrection - 04/14/17

Taking Down from the Cross and the Funeral for Jesus Christ.

We processed around the block and back into the church to walk under the Epitaphion and venerate the Bible. A beautiful service.


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Preapring for Holy Friday

Decorating the Epitaphios - 04/14/17

Father Brooks and a group of parishioners gathered to decorate the Epitaphios. It looked beautiful.

Thank you very much to those who assisted. The donation of your time and talent is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks to Bella & Olivia for taking these photos!

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Holy Wednesday & Thursday

Holy Unction & The 12 Gospels - 04/12/17

Holy Unction - Parishioners were anointed by Father Brooks. 

Holy Thursday Father Brooks & Father Dan read the 12 Gospels of the Passion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Juliana, Vlad, Christine sung beautifully and Chris read the Epistles.

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Entrance of our Lord into Jerusalem

2017 Palm Sunday - 04/09/17

What a beautiful day! Our church was full, the palms were plentiful and love abounded!  Sour Sunday schools students processed ringing bells as Father Brooks carried the blessed palms around the church.

Following the Divine Liturgy to celebrate our Lord's triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, we went to our church hall and enjoyed a wonderful pancake breakfast supplied and prepared by Rose Adams and her family. Thank you to all who came to church; to those who prepared the pancakes and those who cleaned up after. We have a great team!!!

Entrance of our Lord into Jerusalem

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2017 Lazarus Saturday

Lazarus Saturday Liturgy & Retreat - 04/08/17

Father Brooks, our Sunday school students and teachers, our parishioners and friends gathered to celebrate the Divine Liturgy on the Solea.  Everyone had an "upclose look" as Father Brooks prepared the Proskomide.

Following the Liturgy we went upstairs and everyone made Meshe. A delicious pizza lunch was served. The children and teachers went to the Sunday school to learn about the Entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem and make some crafts.

Our Senior class prepared bags for the homeless and then went to Logan Square and the City Hall area to distribute them.

The choir members in attendance the hymns for Palm Sunday. Other adults prepared the palms for tomorrow and then everyone gathered and made palm crosses.  A very busy day!!!

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Women's Day

2017 Women's Day Party - 03/04/17

Celebrating Women's Day with friends and families at St.John's.

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2017 Soup-er Bowl - 02/05/17

Getting ready for the big day and enjoying the SOUP!

Many Thanks to all who participated!!!

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2017 Ice Skating

Fun at the rink! - 01/29/17

Our Sunday school students, families and friends spent a few hours at the Class of 23 Ice Skating rink.

Pizza was served for lunch and a good time had by all!

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Baptism for Four - 01/07/17

A snowy, wonderful and blessed day as Maria, Elisabeth, Sofia and Thomas were baptized. There sponsers were their Aunt Nilda and Uncle Spartak.  Proud Mom, Jorgeta and Grandparents Zisi and Marjana. May God bless all!

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2017 Epiphany

Holy Epiphany - 01/08/17

We celebrated the blessing of the water with prayer and joy.

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2017 Icon Auction

Icon Auction - 01/08/17

It was a little chilly - the boiler was not working properly - but our parishioners stayed to bid on their favorite Icons.Special thanks to our auctioneers, Peter & Ilirjan and to our bid recorders, Miss Dorothy, Janice, Nilda and Linda.  Many thanks to our helpers Vanessa, Alexandra, Christian, Georgi, Eric, for carrying the Icons around for all to see.  Great photos were taken by Adam and Sergio!

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