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Nativity Liturgy

Nativity Liturgy - 12/24/13

The parishioners at St. John Chrysostom gather to celebrate the birth of our Lord.

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Sunday School Christmas Pageant

Christmas Pageant - 12/22/13

Our Sunday School students present their annual Christmas Pageant. Everything was perfect!

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Ladies Club Dinner

2013 Ladies Club Dinner - 12/04/13

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing....Barely time to eat! A wonderful time was had by all 72 attendees!

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Albanian Thanksgiving

2013 Albanian Thanksgiving - 11/24/13

Our Sunday school recognized our forefathers who came to America from Albanian and other countries. We give thanks for their bravery!

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Trip to the Aquarium

Trip to the Aquarium - 11/17/13

Over 70 parishioners and their children visited the Adventure Aquarium following coffee hour on Sunday, November 17, 2013. We saw the sharks, many fish and other sea creatures. What a fun time!

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2013 Hierarchical Liturgy and Parish Nameday

Archbishop Nikon Celebrates the Divine Liturgy - 11/10/13

Archbishop Nikon visited our parish and celebrated the Divine Liturgy. Father Stephen Siniari, Father Gregory DuDash, Deacon Andrew Rubis and Deacon Gregory Vrato served along with Fahter Brooks Ledford. Our church was filled with parishioners and friends. Following the Divine Liturgy we went to the parish hall and enjoyed a scrumptious luncheon provided by our parishioners.

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Icons by Qirjako Kosova

Icons by Qirjako Kosova - 11/03/13

Iconographer, Qirjako Kosova, son of St. John Chrysostom Parishioners Marsel & Natasha, wrote these Icons.

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Celebrating with Father Brooks

Celebrating with Father Brooks - 10/27/13

We sang Many Years in church following the Divine Liturgy. During coffee hour our Sunday school children lead us in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. Cake for everyone!!

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2013 Halloween Party

2013 Halloween Party - 10/26/13

A spectular time was had by all who attended. Many, many children dressed in their finest Halloween costumes, parents, grandparents, godparents, aunt, uncles, friends, food, games, candy and prizes....  WOW!!! Smiles all around. Special thanks to Paula, Diane, Pandora, Linda & Donna P. for co-ordinating this extremely fun event. If you were unable to attend, hopefully you will join us next year. Super great fun!!

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Church Cleanup & altar Server Workshop

Church Cleanup & altar Server Workshop - 10/05/13

Thanks very much to all who helped clean the church on Saturday, October 5, 2013. Everything sparkles. While we were cleaning the Altar Servers were attending a workshop to sharpen their skills while serving!

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2013 Gregory E Costa Golf Classic

2013 Gregory E Costa Golf Classic - 09/22/13

The 6th Gregory E Costa Golf Classic was a very successful day for the parishioners and friends of St. John Chrysostom Albanian Orthodox Church. Twenty-seven golfers participated in the golf classic and the dinner was attended by over 70 people.

Thank you to everyone who supported the golf classic!

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Blessing of the Backpacks

Special Blessing of Backpacks - 09/15/13

A first st St. John Chrysostom - Father Brooks blessed the backpacks and bookbags of our students. A wonderful way to start the new school year!

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Elevation of the Holy Cross

Elevation of the Holy Cross - 09/15/13

Procession of with the Holy Cross with our Sunday school students.

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Thank you Luncheon August 25, 2013

Thank you Luncheon - 08/25/13

The Priests and Deacons who have assisted the parishioners at St. John Chrysostom Church celebrate the Divine Liturgy.

Following the Liturgy a luncheon was held in the church hall. The parishioners donated homemade ethnic food for the luncheon.

A good time was had by all!

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Marci Moore

Marci Moore - 08/04/13

How wonderful was it to see Marci Moore in church on Sunday August 4th, 2013!

Marci looked great and many parishioners visited with her during coffee hour. We are truly blessed to have Marci as a parishioner at our parish.

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Graduation Day 2013

Sunday School Graduation - 06/09/13

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Buddy Walk 2013

Team Brother John - 05/19/13

Team Brother John raised & collected $2,954 for the Down syndrome Association of DE. We would like to thank everyone at St. John’s for their generous donations. St. John’s donated a grand total of $625 to our team. $125 of that was collected by Michelle Dardaris at coffee hour through the selling of brother John bracelets! Moore Brothers Wine Company (Marcy Moore’s sons) are an annual t-shirt sponsor for our team donating $500. 
Despite the soggy weather, we walked, picnicked, and enjoyed a nice afternoon of fellowship, celebration & relaxation with family and friends. Mark, Tish, Bill, Candace & Michelle were able to join us as representatives from St. John’s. 

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2013 Race for the Cure

Albanians & Friends for the Cure 2013 - 05/12/13

Congratulations to Albanians and Friends for the Cure: Thank you to those who made donations and/or participated in the Race for the Cure (to support finding a cure for breast cancer).  Our team had 24 participants and raised over $2,100.00.  Way to go team!

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Pascha 2013 - 05/05/13

The resurrection of our Lord

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Holy Friday 2013

Holy Friday - 05/03/13

Decorating the Epitaphios

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Holy Thursday -The Twelve Gospels-

Holy Thursday - 05/02/13

The reading of the Twelve Gospels.

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Lazarus Saturday 2013

Lazarus Saturday - 04/27/13

The children making the Meshe

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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday April 28 2013 - 04/28/13

The procession of the palms

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Mother's Day Dance March 16, 2013

Mother's Day Dance March 16, 2013 - 03/16/13

The 5th annual Mother's (Women's) Day Dance.  Mothers, Fathers and kids danced from 7:00 - 11:15 - Non-Stop!!!

Maybe next year you can join us!!!

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Sunday School Ice Skating Outing March 17, 2013

Ice Skating with our kids and families - 03/17/13

Pizza, hot choclolate, pizza desserts, juice boxes, ice skating.... what more can a person ask for on a Sunday afternoon!

A fun time had by all

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Holy Icon Offering - January 2013

Holy Icon Offering - 01/13/13

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Enthronment of His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon - 01/27/13

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